Facilitating harmonious and clear communication between riders and their horses through simple, intuitive instruction and training


Lincoln and Laura 2Laura Kimball offers:

  • Instruction and training based on a holistic approach to Dressage and balanced-seat riding.
  • Personalized, one-on-one lesson and training programs depending on your goals.
  • Instruction geared towards building a solid foundation, a harmonious connection and clear communication with the horse.
Specializing in:
  • Beginner-intermediate level riders. 
  • Balanced seat riding based in Dressage.
  • Riders seeking a solid foundation in their riding and/or need to go back to basics to re-build.
  • Riders seeking to deepen the level of bonding and communication with their horse.
  • Riders with issues regarding fear, confidence and/or previous riding injuries. 
  • Training and/or communication issues between horse and rider.

  • Will travel to your barn for lessons and training (North Shore, Massachusetts area).
  • Consultations on the phone or at your barn about specific issues.
  • Clinics for groups based on balanced-seat riding and harmonious communication and understanding of your horse.